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7th European Social Week: stay tuned

Milan, 14-16 February 2019

The European Union faces huge challenges in the immediate future. Brexit will change Europe. The discussion about the social consequences of globalization and the improvement of the structures of the European Union push to changes which are not yet clearly recognizable. In addition, big technological developments will foreseeable seriously change the world of labour for many.

For employees the question of a just social order in which we can live and work in Europe will be central. How can we offer decent labour and social security for all? How can we design structures in Europe which better serve the goal of the common good? Discussing these issues, employee’s organizations must definitely bring in their experience and point of view.

Because of this we would like to draw your attention already to the European Social Week which we shall organize together with the Fondazione Luigi Clerice from 14-16 February 2019 in Milan.