European Social Weeks

European Social Weeks

In the aftermath of 1991, the commemoration of 100 years of Christian workers' organisations, leading members of the Christian Social Movements in Belgium and The Netherlands independently developed the urge to europeanise the movement. Once they learned from these simultaneous inivitatives, they agreed to cooperate and started the ecumenical intiative of the European Social Weeks. Together with parties from France and Germany, the first European Social Week was held in 1997, in Brussels.

Since the European Community of Coal and Steel, where Europe forged peace and cooperation out of the materials that had been used for two devastating wars, we have come a long way. Standing within the Christian-social tradition, we feel a special urge for the future of Europe. After the success, we are now confronted with bad times. The ties that connect us in Europe are seriously being put to the test. We believe we cannot go back behind our national borders and focus first and formost on our national interests. We have to move on on the road of peace, cooperation, and solidarity. That road is not necessarily the one that leads us straight from where we are to the vanishing point on the horizon. There are different roads, so which road to follow? Hope for a better future has always guided people to where they want to arrive, and so hope for a better Europe is our guide.

News from European Institutions

European Parliament:

Persbericht - EU begroting 2017: EP wil meer geld voor banen en jongeren

26 Oct 2016 | Plenaire Vergaderingen : Het Europees Parlement dringt aan op meer geld voor de aanpak van jeugdwerkloosheid, het stimuleren van economische groei en hulp aan derde landen die kampen met grote migratiestromen. EP-leden willen bovendien alle kortingen ongedaan maken die de Raad wil doorvoeren. De resolutie die woensdag werd aangenomen stelt ook dat een deel van de aanvullende fondsen moet komen uit een herziening van de plafonds voor het meerjarig financieel kader (MFK) waar nu over wordt onderhandeld.

Bron : © Europese Unie, 2016 - EP

Persbericht - EP wil gebruik transvetzuren in voedsel inperken

26 Oct 2016 | Plenaire Vergaderingen : De EU moet wettelijke maximumnormen invoeren op industrieel geproduceerde transvetzuren die het risico op hart- en vaatziekten, onvruchtbaarheid, Alzheimer, diabetes en obesitas voor consumenten verhogen, zo stelt het EP in een resolutie die woensdag is aangenomen.

Bron : © Europese Unie, 2016 - EP

Press release - Press freedom in Turkey up for a debate late on Wednesday afternoon

26 Oct 2016 | Plenary sessions : The threats, violations and restrictions faced by journalists in Turkey will be debated with Commissioner Corina Creţu, representing EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, late on Wednesday afternoon. Since the 15 July failed coup d’état, which left 241 people dead and thousands injured, 90 journalists have been jailed, more than 2,500 have lost their jobs and arrest warrants have been issued against hundreds of media workers in the country.

Source : © European Union, 2016 - EP

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