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The European Social Week brings together representatives of the organizations of the workers and of the employers, as well as representatives of social organizations, of consumer organizations, human rights organizations, organizations working in social housing, in education, in care, in development cooperation; of national Social Weeks Network organizations; all kinds of Christian social organizations, both catholic, protestant or otherwise Christian; and from East and West Europe, from all of Europe; all sharing the task of securing the presence and the actualization of Christian Social Thinking, its leading values and principles, and thus help shape the European society that we want.

General secretariat

KSI Katholish-soziales institute
Selhofer Str. 11
D - 53604 Bad Honnef
Tel: +49 (0)2224 955 405
Fax: +49 (0)2224 955 100
IBAN: BE17 3630 8598 8621

Discussion platform

Members of the committee

President, Herbert METZGER, Deutschland,
General secretary, Udo HUETT, Deutschland,
Administrative secretary, Linda DEMEESTER, België,
Treasurer, Bruno MACHIELS, België,
Webmaster, Hans GROEN, Nederland,

Tony DE JANS, Beweging.Net, België,
Sigrip SCHRAML, General secretary EZA, Deutschland,
Leo PAUWELS, Honorary president EZA, België,
Bartho PRONK, President EZA, Nederland,
Ellen VAN STICHEL, KUL, Louvain
Johanna TOUZEL, Semaines sociales de France, France,
Cor VAN BEUNINGEN, Socires, Nederland,
Robert WEBER, Luxembourg,


Slobodan ANTOVSKI, President of YHACM, Macedonia
Prof.Dr. Ralph BERGOLD, Director of KSI, Deutschland
Piotr DUDA, President Solidarnosc, Poland
Carlo COSTALLI, President MCL, Italia
Patrick DEVELTERE, President Beweging.Net, België
Emmanuel GERARD, Director of HIVA, België
Marie-Josée JACOBS, Former Minister, Luxembourg
Karl-Josef LAUMANN, President CDA, Deutschland
MaurIce LIMMEN, President CNV, Nederland
Elke HANNACK, Vice-president DGB, Deutschland
Fritz NEUGEBAUER, President GOD, Austria
Dominique QUINION, Présidente Semaines Sociales de France
Joseph THOUVENEL , Vice-president CFTC, France
Jérôme VIGNON, Présidente d'honneur, Semaines Sociales de France
Martin J. WILDE, UNIAPAC Europe, Deutschland

Contactpersons social weeks

Matej CEPIN, SAK Socialna akademija, Slovenia,
Patrick DE BUCQUOIS, Altercité, Belgique,
Jean HALLET, Honorary president, Belgique,
Silvio ISPAS, Social week Romania, Romania,
Thomas ROSNIAK, Social week Poland, Poland,
Ihor SHABAN, Social week Ukraine, Ukraine,
Janina ŠVEDIENE, Social week Lithuania, Lithuania,


ESW Network

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Previous Social Weeks

Doorn, 2016: All things new — Forging radical evolution Social Dialogue with a future

Oostende, 2014: Europe, The age of responsibility

Bad Honnef, 2010

Bratislava, 2003: Perspectives -- The commitment of Christians and Christian Social Organisations in the construction of the European Union

Bad Honnef, 2000: Towards a European civil society -- Christian social visions

Brussels, 1997: Christian-Social Thought and Europe

News from European Institutions

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Source : © European Union, 2018 - EP

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30 Nov 2017 | Economic trends and security are set to dominate debates at the 34th session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Haiti, starting on 18 December.
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