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Fifth European Social Week
January 23 till 25, 2014, in Brussels.

Previous Social Weeks

Bratislava, 2003: Perspectives -- The commitment of Christians and Christian Social Organisations in the construction of the European Union

Bad Honnef, 2000: Towards a European civil society -- Christian social visions

Brussels, 1997: Christian-Social Thought and Europe


Participating organisations

ACW, Belgium

EZA, Germany

KSI, Bad Honnef

MOC, Belgium

Semaines Sociales de France

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European Commission

23 Apr 2014| EU improves travel websites for consumers
14 Apr 2014| Equality between the sexes: slow but sure progress

European Parliament

24 Apr 2014| Article - No more plastic bags polluting our environment
24 Apr 2014| Article - Fishing: sustainable methods are proving quite the catch


20 Dec 2013| President Barroso at the European Council: 2013 A breakthrough year for EU economy
13 Dec 2013| Helping companies cushion the impact of restructuring

Commentaries on Europe

Cementing Europe’s Recovery

8 Apr 2014 |

Europe’s renewed sense of hope and confidence, however encouraging, is not yet sufficient to produce appreciable gains for current and future generations. A few things need to happen over the next several weeks and months if Europe is to minimize the risk of another prolonged period of under-performance and financial risk.

Europe’s Responsible Solidarity

3 Oct 2013 | If Europe is to reverse the growing divisions among eurozone countries, it must extend the principle of shared responsibility to all major EU economic-policy initiatives. But doing so requires a broader view of supranational coordination, with all the implications for political legitimacy and accountability that would follow.

Has Austerity Failed in Europe?

14 Aug 2013 | If the purpose of austerity in Europe was to reduce public-debt levels, its critics are right: fiscal belt-tightening has clearly failed, because debt/GDP ratios continue to rise. But the goal of austerity was not just to stabilize debt ratios.

About the European Social Weeks

The European Social Week brings together representatives of the organizations of the workers and of the employers, as well as representatives of social organizations, of consumer organizations, human rights organizations, organizations working in social housing, in education, in care, in development cooperation; of national Social Weeks Network organizations; all kinds of Christian social organizations, both catholic, protestant or otherwise Christian; and from East and West Europe, from all of Europe; all sharing the task of securing the presence and the actualization of Christian Social Thinking, its leading values and principles, and thus help shape the European society that we want.

ESW v.z.w.

Statutory seat:

Waverse Steenweg 205
1050 Elsene

IBAN: BE17 3630 8598 8621



Cor VAN BEUNINGEN Socires – Nederland c.vanbeuningen@socires.nl
Bernard CHENEVEZ Semaines sociales de France bernard@chenevez.fr
Leo PAUWELS Honorary president EZA - België pauwels.leo@skynet.be
Udo HUETT Deutschland uhuett@t-online.de
Bruno MACHIELS België bruno.machiels@scarlet.be

General secretariat


KSI Katholish-soziales institute
Selhofer Str. 11
D - 53604 Bad Honnef
Tel.: +49 - 22 24 - 955 - 405
Fax: +49 - 22 24 - 955 – 100

Mail: Huett@ksi.de

Web: www.esw-sse.org

Discussion platform http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3849457&trk=hb_side_g

Additional members of the committee

Patrick DEVELTERE President ACW – België patrick.develtere@acw.be
Patrick DE BUCQUOIS Altercité – Belgique caritas.fr@skynet.be
Roswitha GOTTBEHÜT General secretary EZA - Deutschland gottbehuet@eza.org
Hans GROEN Nederland h.groen@socires.nl
Jean HALLET Honorary president - Belgique jjhallet@skynet.be
Herbert METZGER AZK – Deutschland herbert.metzger@netcologne.de
Bartho PRONK President EZA – Nederland bartho@barthopronk.com
Sofie PUT ACW – België sofie.put@acw.be
Thomasz ROSNIAK Polish social week – Poland t.rozniak@eds-fundacia.pl
Ihor SHABAN Social week Ukraine ecumenism@ukr.net
Janina SVEDIENE Social week Lithuania ldforg@ldf.lt