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Solidarity, Subsidiarity, Common Good

Ways to overcome poverty and social inequality in Europe

7th European Social Week

14 – 16  February 2019

Hotel  Ibis Novotel Milano Nord Ca Granda
Viale Giovanni Suzzani, 13/15
20162 Milano MI, Italy

New and huge challenges await for Europe. Brexit will change Europe. The discussion about the social repercussions of globalization and the improvement of the structures in the European Union push for changes that are not yet clearly recognizable. In addition, the foreseeable future the world of labour will change fundamentally for many due to technological developments.

Will there still be work for all in the future? How do we have to adjust our social system. How can education accompany these changes? Which opportunities for co-operation of labour in forging our social system are available, or must be created, so that the human scale is not lost. In view of these questions it is not an exaggeration to say that the ligitimacy of the European Union is at stake when people have the strong feeling that social problems are not accounted for sufficiently. Only national actions will not enhance cohesion in Europe.

The 7th European Social Week (ESW) wants to contribute to making a next step in the formation of a social Europe. That which connects societies and brings them together should be central to the ESW. The social dialogue is an important element to which employees’ organizations can make a big contribution. But they cannot be left alone with this task. Also the national governments and the European Instituitions are urged to deliver their contribution. On the occasion of the 7th ESW we want to discuss the aspects of the future shape of Europe from ethical, economic, and social perspectives.

Knowledgable speakers shall be invited to offer their view on the challenges and solutions. We hope participants will use the opportunity to actively join in the discussion.