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Thursday 14 February 2019

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Registration

17:00 Opening of the 7th European Social Week

Words of welcome:

Herbert Metzger,
President of the 7th European Social Week

Luc Van den Brande,
Chair of the European Center for Employees‘ Questions

Don Massimiliano Sabbadini,
President of the Fondazione Luigi Clerici

Carlo Costalli,
Chair of the Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori (MCL)


18:00 The way out of the social crisis in Europe
Marianne Thyssen,
EU-Commisioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility (Video message)

Claude Rolin,
Member of the European Parliament (EVP, European People’s Party) and former secretary-general of the Belgian labour union CSC-ACV


19:00 In which direction is Europe developing socially?
Dr. Enrico Letta,
Chair of Notre Europe and former Prime Minister of Italy


20:00 End of the first day

20:00 Refreshments, followed by diner

Friday 15 February 2019

9:00 Welcome by Paolo Cesana,
Director of the Fondazione Luigi Clerici

Opening by the session chair Björn van Heusden,
Executive seceretary of the World of Workers Organisation (WOW)

New work: which changes in the world of labour are coming up?

Fundamental technological changes will leave their imprint on the world of labour in the coming years. Will there be work for everyone? What is labour that fits humans? Which opportunities for co-operation and co-determination of these changes do workers have? How can technological progress serve ways to combine family life and occupation? What are workings when I work at home? Which training and education is necessary te keep me employable. What are the effects of changes in the system of social security? What about labour rights at the national and the European level?

9.15 Will we still have work for everyone?
John Hurley,

10:00 The future of work
Prof. Emmanuel Agius,
Member of the European Group of Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) and Dean of the Department of Theology, Malta University

11:00 Break

11:30 Digitization of economy and labour
Elke Hannack,
Vice-Chair of the Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes (DGB)

12:15 Discussion

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Afternoon session
Opening by the chair of the session
Jan Van Peteghem
Professor emeritus HIVA, Catholic University

Current state of affairs and new challenges for the social dialogue

Technological possibilities for structuring work are a given. But what does the reality for employees look like? The social dialogue is an important instrument for the co-operation of employees in the formation of the world of labour and beyond. For this, structural preconditions have to be created that make efficacious discussion of all involved possible. Who must contribute which part so that the social dialogue will be effective and efficient. What can we contribute?

14.15 Introduction: Jan Van Peteghem

State of the social dialogue — participants:

Vesselin Mitov Podkrepa, Bulgaria

Piotr Duda Solidarnosc, Poland


Dulce Maria Moreno Hernandez USO, Spain

Joseph Thouvenel CFTC, France


Roberto Benaglia CISL, Italy

16:00 Break

16:30 Visit to Milan

Saturday 16 February 2019

09:00 Opening by the chair of the session
Sigrid Schraml,
General-secretary of EZA

A new European social order

The distribution of goods for the people of Europa, and for people elsewhere, is definitely unequal. This pertains to work, income, wealth, and thus to the well-being of people. Due to this, the chances for social participation are neither distributed justly. Politics and democratic forces in society have to work towards equality of chances with solutions that show solidarity.  At the same time, reducing poverty and inequality can restore trust in the competence of those who make decisions. This is an important condition for the democratic development of our societies.

9.15 Mgr. Antoine Hérouard,
Suffragan of Lille and chair of the Social Committee of COMECE, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union


10:30 Break

11:00 Prof. Bea Cantillon,
Director of the Centrum voor Sociaal Beleid Herman Deleeck (Belgium)


12:00 Video message by Manfred Weber, Leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament and candidate for the next election of the President of the European Commission

12:10 Conclusions of the 7th ESW
Jérôme Vignon,
former president of the Semaines Sociales de France

Closing words: Herbert Metzger President of the ESW

13: 00 Lunch